• Blake Reary

    Blake Reary

    Design Manager @ Ironclad. Formerly Thumbtack, Mode Analytics, RelateIQ, and Palantir.

  • Varun Arora

    Varun Arora

    PM | Paytm payments bank

  • Graham Stinson

    Graham Stinson

    UX Lead at @acstech. Husband. Father. Musician. Erstwhile entrepreneur and amateur beekeeper.

  • Daniela Restrepo

    Daniela Restrepo

    Product Designer — UX enthusiast

  • Ryan Belisle

    Ryan Belisle

    Web Designer, UX/UI & Front-end Developer. Specialize in designing & creating websites for the Joomla! CMS Platform. EDM lover & Martial Artist.

  • mouli


    User Experience Designer

  • Charlie Zhuang

    Charlie Zhuang

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